Rhythm Is Life, Life is Rhythm w/ James Wesley Edwards

James Wesley Edwards - Photo by Andy Kainz Photography

James Wesley Edwards

We searched and searched for the right drummer – A person who was able to play in many different musical styles – a person who was comfortable improvising  – a person comfortable with their artistic voice.  Luckily we also got a drummer who is incredibly funny and have a wonderful radio voice.

Moderno Trio:  OK James, the most important question of all.  Boxers or Briefs?

This Boxer?

James Wesley Edwards: BOXERS. BOXERS. BOXERS!! Grown men don’t wear tightie whities. Kiddin’ me?

Kristen:  Don’t you have a boxer?

MT:  Out of all the drums/cymbals, which one is your favorite and why?

JWE:  I love that bass drum!! Why? Because it’s the heart of the drum kit! Favorite cymbal is the ride cymbal, the patterns played on the ride cymbal are the drummer’s signature.

MT:  Who is your favorite artist and why?

Mahavishnu Orchestra

JWE:  Guitarist John McLaughlin, especially the `Mahavishnu Orchestra’ years. His guitar playing just speaks to me. That fusion sound is mind blowing! I enjoyed how they were able to mix styles, genres and make it sound spectacular. I never get tired of listening. Love McLaughlin’s playing that double-necked guitar!

MT:  Describe your favorite evening out.

JWE:  That would have to be… food and music at the Jazz Standard on East 27th, in Manhattan…that place is out-freaking-standing!! World class music, good menu. My advice…get the ribs, baby, get the rack of RIBS!!

MT:  What would you dress up as for Halloween?

JWE:  I would dress up as a genie, (Like the idea of a turban, but those puffy pajama pant thingies gotta go) and make someone happy by granting 3 wishes…

MT:  What is your favorite pop song?

JWE:  `The Wind Cries, Mary’ –Jimi Hendrix

The Jackson 5

MT:  What is a song that you enjoy that you would be embarrassed to reveal?

JWE:  OK, really?? Love `ABC’ by the Jackson 5….no teasing Kristen.

K: It’s ok James, before my infatuation with David Bowie with his single ‘Let’s Dance‘ I was in love with Michael Jackson and everything from ‘Thriller‘.

MT:  You look great bald, are you really bald or do you shave your head to show it’s beautiful shape?

JWE:  Hey!! Thank you!! I shave my head once a week.

James Wesley Edwards - Photo by Andy Kainz Photography

Bring it on!

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6 thoughts on “Rhythm Is Life, Life is Rhythm w/ James Wesley Edwards

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  3. It’s great to hear you were able to find James – a funny and talented artist who appears to have immediately blended into your group. Congrats Modernotrio.

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